RhinoTech Rewards Program

We’re grateful for your business, so we have rolled out a Customer Rewards Program.

RhinoTech Rewards Program Details

This is the way it will work after your next purchase either as a returning customer or a new customer.

  • WE MULTIPLY the SUBTOTAL of your purchase x 5%.
  • This number will equal the number of points that will be deposited into your CUSTOMER REWARDS ACCOUNT.
    • For Example: A $100 purchase will equal 5 points. 1 Point = $1.00.
  • On your next and subsequent purchases, use part of or 100% of your Rewards Points at CHECKOUT.*
  • Your Customer Points will remain active for 90 days after awarded.

How to check your rewards points

Click on My Account (if you are logged in) or Login at the top right of the website.

If you are not logged into your RhinoTech Account, you will be prompted to log in. Then click on Rewards Points.  This page will all the point activity associated with your account.

You must have an account at the RhinoTech website to track your rewards points. If you don’t have an account, sign up at http://rhinotechinc.com/my-account

How to checkout using your points

On the checkout page if you have points; a message similar to the one above will appear. Click Apply Discount use your points. You will be prompted for the number of points you want to use.

*ONLY 1 DISCOUNT CAN BE APPLIED DURING A DISCOUNT EVENT. Example: If a product is 10% off, You can opt to receive this discount by entering on-line coupon code at checkout or use Customer Rewards Program Points.
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